70 years

KGK is a general agent for world leading manufacturers of high quality technical products with well known trademarks for the automotive and marine branch.

The history of KGK

Knut-Göran (KG) Knutsson founded the engineering company KG Knutsson AB in 1946. The company became the basis of the KGK Group.

KG had petrol in his blood from an early age. His father imported oil and petrol, founding the Anglo-Swedish company Mineralaktiebolaget AB which subsequently evolved into Svenska Shell. 

To begin with, KGK focused on French and German agents dealing with components for the bicycle industry and moped manufacturers.

The product range included bicycle chain gear and lighting, speedometers and two-stroke engines. KGK carried out two-stroke engine design and development that paved the way for the Swedish two-stroke engine industry for mopeds, cars and outboard motors. Products included the moped engine and all outboard motors for Nymansbolagen in Uppsala, and SAAB’s three-cylinder two-stroke engines

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Official ZF service partner

KGK becomes an official ZF service partner in Sweden

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KGK introduce online business system

KGK becomes the first company to offer an online Industri-Matematik business system in 1977

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Enters the Finnish market

KGK enters the Finnish market in 1992 when it takes over OY Kaha. Operations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are launched soon afterwards.

KGK takes over Semel OY in the early 1990s. Semel develops and supplies mobile business system solutions, focusing on the taxi industry and its customers.

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The Autoexperten concept is introduced. Autoexperten is a store and workshop concept, with local wholesalers nationwide.

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KGK takes over ZF’s Norwegian subsidiary in 2001.

KGK takes over ZF’s Norwegian subsidiary in 2001.

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33,000 m² logistics centre is built in Enköping

A new 33,000 m² logistics centre is built in Enköping in 2009. The logistics centre is largely automated.

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