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Unsure of the best solution? Our engineers are here to help you identify the ideal solution for your current equipment and new applications.

The increasing complexity of vehicle components and the constant advancement of electronics are huge challenges for repair and maintenance tasks. ZF offers the optimal solution to these challenges with the ZF-TESTMAN diagnosis system. With the assistance of the ZF-TESTMAN, we are perfectly equipped for present and future challenges with efficient and precise diagnosis. ZF-TESTMAN is the basis for economical maintenance, professional repairs and for efficient driving dynamics as well.

ZF-TESTMAN supplies, among others, following functions:

  • Read and clear error memory
  • Logging of measurement data
  • Guided fault tracing
  • SW download
  • Read out of statistical data
  • Calibration of certain functions

ZF oils are important components for all transmissions and axles by ZF. Perfectly adjusted oil change intervals ensure high shifting comfort, best running characteristics, and long service life for your ZF unit.

The Appropriate Oil for Your Application

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Here you find the corresponding product specification sheets as well as material safety data sheets (MSDS) for ZF oils.

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Fully ZF trained and approved ZF repair engineers

We undertake repairs to any ZF gearboxes and ZF axles that are still under their ZF warranty.

Simply call our technical support outlining the problem you are experiencing along with your vehicle details and our Service Support teams will advise you on the best course of action to take to get you back on the road with the minimum of downtime.


When contacting us for technical support or ordering spare parts, be sure to provide the product identification from the Type Plate, Pos. 2 & 3. The Type Plate also identifies the lubrication type, Pos. 10.

Technical Support
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