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As a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology, ZF operates in particular in the passenger car and commercial vehicles industry. Alongside transmission systems, units and components, the company also produces chassis systems and components as well as safety technology, electronics and sensors for the automotive sector.

ZF Services supplies genuine spare parts, remanufactured transmissions, and corresponding reman service. Each remanufactured transmission is built to Original Equipment technical specifications and tested to ensure quality and satisfaction.


Service and Spare Parts for Axles.

A replacement axle often constitutes a fast, low-cost and ecological alternative to classic repairs. ZF Services offers the corresponding remanufacturing service.

Steering Gears and Steering Pumps from ZF.

We provide first-class steerings repair.

For Standard Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles.

Regardless of whether a dual mass flywheel for heavy commercial vehicles and tour buses, ConAct, or XTend, ZF Services is a worldwide leader for clutches on the spare parts market.

SACHS clutches are developed according to the latest technological know-how and manufactured under the highest quality standards. They are installed as standard equipment in almost all cars produced by major automotive manufacturers. That is how they ensure greater efficiency during power transmission over the whole service life. The aftermarket also benefits from this quality.

ZF Services offers clutch parts for standard passenger cars and all kinds of commercial vehicles: In addition to pressure plate, disc, flywheel, dual mass flywheel, and XTend, ZF Services delivers clutch release systems as well. The clutch parts are also delivered as complete kits consisting of pressure plate, clutch disc, and clutch release. Pressure plate and disc are also available as replacement units.

Greater Safety Thanks to Cutting-Edge Technology.

Steering and suspension components are safety parts that are subjected to special care in design, manufacturing and assembly phases because they have to offer the best possible safety conditions in all driving situations. Up to 70 components can be installed in one single car.

ZF Services provides suspension joints, control arms, tie-rods and stabiliser links along with necessary service information to the independent aftermarket under the brand name LEMFÖRDER. Almost all automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers worldwide trust in these steering and suspension parts.

Even rubber-to-metal components that are used on all vibration-critical points in driveline and chassis are included in the LEMFÖRDER range of ZF Services: suspension strut mounts, engine and transmission mounts, or mounts for control arms which allow for the desired driving precision, vibration damping, and noise insulation.

Comfort and Safety as in New Vehicles.

Shock and dampers, suspension struts and suspension-strut inserts are available for virtually all vehicle models. ZF Services offers the complete product portfolio for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses and tractors.

Power-take-offs (PTOs)

ZF PTOs transform commercial vehicles into true specialists for extremely specific tasks. They can collect garbage, flush sewage systems, clean streets, clear snow, mow slopes, mix and pump concrete, lift heavy loads…Advantages

◾Transmissions and PTOs from a single source

◾Application-oriented range of PTOs

◾Technical consultation as early as the driveline design stage

◾Subsequent assembly possible

◾ZF system responsibility and warranty


Innovative range in friction

Every major part of the disc brake system, from innovative TRW COTEC brake pads and low dust DTEC brake pads to premium quality brake discs and brake calipers are manufactured to offer all round safety to passengers. We produce over 12 million brake discs every year, both for original equipment and the independent aftermarket worldwide. 

As ZF Services is always at the forefront of innovation, our customers get the latest new developments in disc technology that make sure that they can get better service to more customers.

ZF oils are important components for all transmissions and axles by ZF

Perfectly adjusted oil change intervals ensure high shifting comfort, best running characteristics, and long service life for your ZF unit.

One oil is not like another

Modern commercial vehicle transmissions are complex systems that meet high requirements: They must be reliable, very long-lasting, and provide maximum shifting comfort. The transmission oil plays a key role in this.

"Low-priced oils often don't come up to these standards, so what you save when you buy them costs you more over the following years," know the ZF lubricants experts.

ZF-Ecofluid M

The ZF Services program includes its own highperformance oils: Specially developed for commercial vehicles, ZF-Ecofluid M for instance significantly extends the required oil change intervals: to every three years instead of annually like standard mineral oils. What's more, the lower susceptibility to repairs and high wear protection reduce or prevent vehicle downtimes. Compared to mineral and semisynthetic transmission oils, ZF-Ecofluid M increases transmission efficiency. That cuts fuel consumption by up to one percent – i.e. annual operating cost savings in the 3-digit euro range.

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