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For a World in Motion

Whether it's a truck, bus or boat, it has no value if it does not move.

We make sure that downtimes are reduced to a minimum. 

Our field service technicians specialize in diagnostics and on-site repair of heavy-duty transmissions and axles.

Call +46 8 92 30 85 or email for field service support. 

Servicing, preventive overhaul, upgrade, or installation of a ZF unit - we always have the optimal solution for you to minimize the downtime of your vehicle.

ZF Services repairs your transmissions, axles, and steering systems. ZF products as well as non-ZF products are professionally serviced. Preventive overhauls in the bus and rail (commuter rail) segment help to significantly increase the service life. With our technical expertise, we perform conversions and retrofitting for greater safety, comfort, and cost efficiency.

To inspect ZF products, we also configure individual systems such as the open Openmatics telematics platform or the ZF Testman diagnosis unit. Thanks to early notifications, the employees are able to react immediately and in a targeted manner. This prevents downtimes.

After an oil change the service life is significantly increased. 

When it comes to an oil change, perfection and efficiency are more important than ever.

Therefore, ZF Parts oil change kits are the perfect solution. We provide workshops with everything in a single package, suitable for the respective vehicle type - from bolts to the right transmission oil.

Workshop & Fieldservice
+46 8 92 30 85
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